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November 9, 2023
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Say hello to GitLab Duo Chat: A new level of AI-assisted productivity

Learn how GitLab Duo Chat, releasing Nov. 16 in Beta, can help elevate your coding skills, streamline onboarding, and supercharge team efficiency.


GitLab Duo Chat, the newest feature in the GitLab Duo suite of AI-assisted capabilities, helps teams write and understand code faster, get up to speed on the status of projects, and quickly learn GitLab. Chat will be available in Beta starting November 16.

Chat also will be included in our Web IDE and GitLab Workflow extension for VS Code as an experimental release. Get code explanations, generate tests, and create code right where your development work happens; no need for context switching.

We launched the GitLab Duo suite earlier this year to bolster software development teams' workflow, helping you deliver more secure software at an unprecedented pace and create more value for your customers. GitLab is the only platform that brings AI-powered planning tools, code creation, security scanning, and vulnerability remediation all into a single developer-friendly experience.

Chat will serve as the foundational technology driving our AI-powered GitLab Duo features, such as Vulnerability Summary and Root Cause Analysis. This will enable you to pose in-context follow-up questions for a more thorough investigation.

Try GitLab Duo Chat with a free Ultimate trial.

In our Global DevSecOps Report: The State of AI in Software Development, 83% of respondents said that implementing AI in their software development processes is essential to avoid falling behind, and they ranked chatbots among their top three AI use cases. Chat, which will be released for Ultimate tier customers as part of GitLab 16.6, is the perfect feature to help you maintain your competitive advantage. Here's why.

Designed to support everyone across the software development process

From coding assistance to productivity tips, Chat provides real-time support for technical and non-technical users across the entire software development lifecycle.

  • Inspiration on demand: Need help determining the next best step in your workflow? Chat is ever-ready to ignite your ideation process.

  • Elevate productivity: Chat shoulders the burden of routine tasks so you can channel your energy into delivering value to your customers.

  • Guidance at every step: Whether you're a GitLab expert or a newcomer, Chat is your go-to coach, helping you become an expert in any process or feature.

Sometimes, there isn't enough time in the day, and even though you want to focus on important tasks, there are many little things you need to do.

  • Code assistance: Chat can assist in decoding the mysteries of unfamiliar code. It can explain, propose tests, or simplify the code. You can also use Chat to write code from scratch interactively.

Chat in Web IDE

  • Issue and epic management: Summarize an issue in seconds, turn comments into an issue description, or distill specific information from large epics easily. You can ask any question about the content of an epic or an issue. Plan work with issues and epics faster with the help of Chat.

Chat issue and epic management example

  • Onboarding and learning made simple: Whether you are onboarding to GitLab or you are already an expert learning how to use GitLab is streamlined with Chat.

Chat learning example

How your data stays your data

Chat does not use your proprietary code or inputs to Chat as training data. This privacy-first approach includes both the prompt and the output of Chat. GitLab Duo uses the right large language models (LLMs) for each use case. For instance, Anthropic Claude-2 and Vertex AI Codey with text embedding-gecko LLMs power Chat. Our publicly available documentation describes all AI models GitLab Duo uses and how it uses your data.

The road ahead for GitLab Duo

As we continue to innovate and improve GitLab Duo, we're excited to share that our Code Suggestions capability will transition from Beta to general availability later this year. We look forward to seeing the transformative impact GitLab Duo will have on your software development efforts. Learn more about GitLab Duo Chat in our documentation and share your feedback and ideas.

Try GitLab Duo Chat with a free Ultimate trial.

Disclaimer: This blog contains information related to upcoming products, features, and functionality. It is important to note that the information in this blog post is for informational purposes only. Please do not rely on this information for purchasing or planning purposes. As with all projects, the items mentioned in this blog and linked pages are subject to change or delay. The development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remain at the sole discretion of GitLab.

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