Continuous Integration and Delivery

Make software delivery repeatable and on-demand

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GitLab Continuous Integration and Delivery automates all the steps required to build, test and deploy your code to your production environment.

Continuous integration automates the builds, provides feedback via code review, and automates code quality and security tests. It creates a release package that is ready to be deployed to your production environment.

Continuous delivery automatically provisions infrastructure, manages infrastructure changes, ticketing, and release versioning. It allows, progressive code deployment, verifying and monitoring changes made and providing the ability to roll back when necessary. Together, GitLab Continuous Integration and Delivery help you automate your SDLC, making it repeatable and on-demand with minimal manual intervention.

Automate entire workflows with GitLab CI/CD

  • Improve developer productivity with in-context testing results.
  • Create secure and compliant releases by testing every change.
  • Implement guardrails to safeguard your deployments.
  • Automate consistent pipelines for both simplicity and scale.
  • Automate both applications and infrastructure.
  • Accelerate your cloud native and hybrid cloud journey.
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Automate everything

In-context testing

Every change triggers an automated pipeline to make your life easier.

  • Test everything - code, performance, load, security.
  • Results shared in the merge request before the developer switches tasks.
  • Review, collaborate, iterate and approve in-context.

Secure and compliant

From compliance pipelines to integrated security scanning—see it all in one place for better visibility and control.

  • Application security testing, built-into the developers’ workflow.
  • Vulnerability management for the security pro.
  • Approvals, audit reports, and traceability to simplify policy compliance.

Implement guardrails to safeguard your deployments.

Avoid failed or non-performant deployments with strategies to safeguard your deployments.

  • Compliance pipelines to ensure policies are consistently followed.
  • Granular control over what to deploy via feature flags.
  • Decide who to deploy to via progressive delivery, canary and blue-green deployments.

Pipelines built for both simplicity and scale

Flexible pipelines to support you at any stage of your journey.

  • Built-in templates to help you get started easily.
  • Automatically created pipelines via Auto DevOps.
  • Scale with parent-child pipelines and, merge trains.

Automate applications and infrastructure

Same platform to automate application and infrastructure.

  • Minimize license costs and learning curve.
  • Leverage application DevSecOps best practices for infrastructure.

Accelerate your cloud native and hybrid cloud journey

GitLab is infrastructure-agnostic DevSecOps that is built for multicloud.

  • Supports deploying to virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, or FaaS from different cloud vendors.
  • Supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or your own private cloud.

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