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Unite teams and workflows with GitLab, a complete DevOps platform to build, test, and deploy on Google Cloud.

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One interface for every use case

As the DevOps platform, GitLab lowers the barrier of entry for cloud native solutions like Kubernetes, Knative, and Istio. Simplify your multicloud, hybrid cloud, or all-in-the-cloud deployment strategy with one solution for everyone on your pipeline.

Receive a $300 sign-up credit for every new GCP account associated with your business email. Plus, new and existing accounts can redeem an additional $200 partner credit to get started with GitLab on Google Cloud Platform.

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Develop better cloud native applications faster with GitLab and GCP

GitLab’s tight integrations with Google Cloud services enable workflows for every workload. Shrink cycle times by driving efficiency at every stage of the software development process. From idea to production on Google Cloud, GitLab’s complete DevOps platform delivers built-in planning, monitoring, and reporting solutions for modern applications.

Collaborate practically

Iterate faster, transform together. Modern CI/CD with Anthos reduces rework so happier developers and cloud practitioners can deliver product roadmaps instead of repairing old roads.

Automate securely

Lock up your process. Automated DevSecOps workflows increase uptime by reducing security and compliance risks on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Celebrate repeatedly

Deliver when it matters, where it matters. Increase market share and revenue when your product is on budget, on time, and always up on GCP.

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We had developers that thought, Why would we do something else? Jenkins is fine. But I think those people need to see GitLab first and see what the difference is because GitLab is so much more than Jenkins. The power of GitLab is you can do so much more and you can make everything so much easier to manage.

Michiel Crefcoeur

Frontend build and release engineer


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